The greatest of gifts

“Ten little fingers, Ten tiny toes,
The sweetest of smiles
And a cute little nose.
All these add up
To a very special
thing — A BABY
The greatest of gifts
That life can bring”

 Author: Unknown

“Colors of the night” Highly Commended 2013

My work “Colors of the night” was awarded a certificate “Highly commended” at the opening of the Gibraltar Photographic society´s Annual Competitive Exhibition, yesterday 15th July 2013.

Veeery happy … 🙂

Colors of the night

Under construction …

I am currently working on updating my page, so most photos are down … new albums are coming soon …

Thank you for bearing with me … 🙂 ♥

A bit from my life … :)

Life the way I enjoy it … :)

Colors of the Night

Apropos, the best light for the photography comes when one would think there is hardly any light … 🙂 ♥

Little Angel

In every Heart...awaits Your Angel.

Michael, @WhereAngelsCome




“Second chances are rare, use your first chance wisely.”

Some of us have gone through life getting chance after chance, after we fail because of a lack of effort, and a lack of motivation. Whatever the reason may be, we must always go at life and seize every opportunity that we know is for us the first time that they are presented to us. Too many times we rely on giving lackadaisical efforts on our first attempts because we feel as though we will have another chance to do better, and make it up, if our first attempt isn’t successful.

We have to remember that tomorrow is never promised to anyone, so we must give all that we can give in what we are doing right now. We have no room to half- do anything, because we may never have the chance to re-do what half-did. Though it seems like you are up against something you have never been up against before, something you may feel unqualified to overcome, be confident in yourself and in who you can become. Don’t be intimidated, insecure, or lazy, work hard with determination, and never rely on a second chance to get the job complete!


So grateful for this beautiful opportunity to capture such unique moments of life!!! 🙂 ♥


"Every castle of the air Sleeps in the fine black grains, and there Are seeds for every romance, or light Whiff of a dream for a summer night."

Amy Lowell Quotes

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